Viva Italia (2016)

It was a long trip!
Visiting our Italian cousins
and our Zio and Zia
Cinque Terra was stunning. The drive with Zio was "interesting"!
One of my favorite pic with Gabs. Cinque Terra at dinner.
Gabs made a friend in Viareggio. Do you remember the vendors on the beach? "MELONE!"
My absolute favorite, Florence. Piazza del Duomo.
Marco annoying Gabs on the train to Pisa.
From the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Duomo in Milan.
Gabs enjoying the cafe in Milan. I think this is the day I tried my first Aperol Spritz. Let's just say it was not my last!

8 thoughts on “Viva Italia (2016)”

  1. Love your advice to take advantage of that limited travel window. We did the same with our daughter, focusing on one “big trip” every year. Several trips to Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, UK, Germany), Alaska, Hawaii, Dude Ranches and many National Parks. Special memories, no regrets!

    1. Wow Fritz, I am honored you took the time to check out my blog. Given you were part of the inspiration to create the blog, I am thrilled you gave it a look over! I have listened to many of the podcasts you have appeared on that you took a “balanced” approach to spending/saving. I feel like we did the same thing, not that it was totally intentional, but I am thrilled we did. I have our trip to Alaska in 2019 in the queue. Alaska holds a special place in my heart as I played summer baseball in Anchorage during my college playing days and it was a thrill of a lifetime to take the whole family back to see all of the beauty that Alaska holds.

  2. Great pictures!
    Italy is one of my favorite countries. So much so that we have visited Italy 4 times! Your picture of Cinque Terra brings back wonderful memories of one of our favorite trips to Italy’s Tuscan region which included Cinque Terra. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a trip. Was so fun to go back to Italy this summer with my teammates. Definitely a different kind of trip but the beauty of the country was a constant. Can’t wait to go back again. I think Greece is next on my bucket list though.

      1. I smiled seeing the pictures of all of you!
        “Viva Italia”.it was a great experience especially for Marco and Gabriella, meeting zii and cousins in Italy. They always will remember the trip that was joyous and fun
        for all of you!
        So special!

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