The Theory of Relativity

I am no Einstein, that’s for sure!  But the Theory of Relativity is the inspiration for this post, and Albert Einstein is credited with it, so there he is!  I am not even going to explain what it is, because I can’t even understand it!

Maybe because it’s Thankgiving time (my favorite Holiday), today I am going to write about gratitude.

“Comparison is the theif of Joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I love this quote and I believe it to be true.  I know for me it is. Whenever I find myself unhappy about something, it often has to do with trying to compare myself or my family to others.  Typically this leads to feelings of “not enough” or “needing more.”  While I believe that we should constantly be growing, evolving, learning and striving to improve, there is a point when we need to appreciate the exact place that we are.  That where we are is “enough” and be grateful for what we have around us.  Here are some thoughts to consider…

Feel like you are over weight?  Consider that your current weight is someone else’s goal they are trying to achieve.

Feel like you don’t have enough money?  Consider someone living on the street.

Feel like you don’t have many friends?  Consider the person eating alone in the cafeteria.

Feel like you are not that smart?  Consider the person who has a learning disability.

Feel like your boss is a jerk? Consider the person who does not have a job.

“Comparison is the theif of joy.”  I try and tell myself that everyday.   On this Thanksgiving, I am committed to be grateful and appreciate all that I have in my life and that it is truly “enough.”

7 thoughts on “The Theory of Relativity”

  1. My Dad gave me one more to add to the list…

    “Excellent post, I would add to be thankful for Health because it can be snapped at any moment.
    Happy Healthy Thanksgiving”

    Thanks for contributing, Dad!

  2. I think for your next post you should try to break down the theory of relativity for the napos. You could make a science section!! Just a suggestion 😉

  3. This is so true! I always compare myself to other people, but I have been working to appreciate what I do have in the moment. You know I always say “I have no friends”, but now that I am “older”, I know that that was and is not true because it’s always quality over quantity.

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