Our Spanish Adventure (2018)

As I mentioned in my post Viva Italia, we took one “big” trip every year as a family.  Not all of our trips were International, but as the kids got older, they were eaiser to travel with (most of the time!) and could appreciate the cultures we experienced while traveling abroad.  

I had traveled to Spain just about every year for my work.  I really fell in love with the food (of course).  For any of you who have traveled to Spain, you know the traditional dinner time is LATE.  And when I say late, I am talking about 10PM at the earliest.  Some restaurants don’t even open until 8PM.  Needless to say, the Napo’s were often knocking on the door to get them to open up!!   Because we were so early, it was often just us, which was kind of nice actually!

The other memorable event was there was a taxi strike due to Uber trying to enter Barcelona.  That made things “interesting” and we learned how to ride the metro, which was quite nice actually.  We had a little stress because had hired a private car to take us to the coast.  They drove us because “we had booked before the strike” – how generous!

Here are some of my favorite shots from our trip through Spain in 2018!

First day in Barcelona. (Gabs not pictured as she was sick in the hotel)
Jamon is NOT Proscuitto, let's be clear!
La Sagrada Familia is one of my favorite places to visit. Pictures do not do it justice.
The stained glass is stunning. All different colors are represented.
The altar at La Sagrada.
On the metro in Barcelona due to the taxi strike.
Costa Brava. More of a "locals" beach town.
One of my favorite pictures with Gabs.
Marco and mom on the beach enjoying lunch.
Grinding on vacation. Those toes you see are mine, enjoying a beer!
Legend has it if you take a picture at this location, you will return. (Marco being clever with his hands).
Plaza Mayor in Madrid.
We loved these marekts. A bunch of vendors with small tapas to try.
Kids being cool during our final dinner in Barcelona.

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  1. I’m enjoying reading Spain adventure. La Sagrada Familia is amazing. If we go back to Italy, there are 2 places we will like to visit. Spain and Sicily. 😄

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