Napo Traditions: F.F.F.D.

I have been starting to get feedback from my family on topics they think I should write about.  Since I am writing for them, I probably should listen!   My wife, Joy, suggested that I write more about our family traditions.  My son, Marco, made another suggestion that I should start writing about family trips that we have taken to archive and remember some of the great adventures we have had over the years.  I think both are great ideas, so that is the inspiration for today’s post.

F.F.F.D (Forced Family Fun Day) Or Triple F D as we affectionately referred to it was a tradition we started back when the kids were in middle school (if I recall correctly).  The tradition was quite straight forward.  Over the holidays, when the kids were off from school and I was off from work, each family member got to select an activity they wanted to do and the rest of the family would have to participate.  The key element was that the other family members could NOT complain if it was something they didn’t really enjoy doing.  While the tradition lasted for years and I think was a great success, I think there were probably a few times where there was some complaining going on! (I am not going to name any names!)

We decided to start this activity as the kids were getting older and busier as a way to stay connected as a family.  With activities going on all over the place, it seemed like over the holidays we were able to carve out time to have at least four committed and dedicated days to have forced family fun!  It might have started out as “forced”, I think it ended up being a whole lot more “fun” and “family” then anything else.  We didn’t really set out for it to become a tradition, and in the beginning, I had to do some “nudging.”  I fondly recall after a few years that the kids would be asking each other “what are you going to pick for Triple F D this year?” – You never know when something might stick…and I recall these activities as being some of my most fond memories…so I thought I’d share a few!

OK, your turn.  Leave me a comment about your favorite F.F.F.D.

San Jose, CA. L.A. Kings vs. San Jose Sharks. Not sure who won, but it didn’t matter!
Escape room. I am pretty sure they gave us extra time to get out.
Bowling. (This is what raising independent thinkers looks like!)
Sorry honey, I had to do it. I "think" she made contact.
San Diego Car show. Marco in his Fast and Furious stage!
My personal favorite! Horseback riding on the beach. My horse Charlie was a stud!
The Sugar Factory downtown San Diego.
Marco's burger has a glazed donut bun.

8 thoughts on “Napo Traditions: F.F.F.D.”

  1. My favorite has to be the sharks games hands down. I remember the one we went to over New Years where you kept saying “Happy New Years!!!”, that was hilarious. I also loved our trips to the Wild Animal Park before going up to Grandma Lesley’s on Christmas Eve. Who knew you guys would end up buying a house up there!

  2. You started a fun and a creative way to keep teenagers and family engaged.
    I’m sure every year Marco and Gabriella came up with creative ways to keep all of you involved. As time goes by all of you will remember this special family time together with smile and joyous Christmas season.

  3. So many good memories! Horseback riding and the sharks games were my favorite. I’m sure there are so many more that I can’t remember.

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