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"Napolitano's never give up!"
- Anthony Napolitano

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The Grand Reunion - LMU '94
This weekend Joy and I had our 30th (30th!!!) college reunion, and it could not have been more fun or come at a more opportune time.  Having just come back from our Great American Road...
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Screenshot 2024-06-06 110559
The Great American Road Trip
The Trip of a Lifetime I don’t think it’s an overstatement to claim this was a “trip of a lifetime”.  First, my apologies for not having my hands on the keyboard...
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Is it better to be lucky or good?
When I was growing up, I used to hear this quote all the time. “I’d rather be lucky than good.” I always heard it referenced as it relates to sports. One one hand...
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Aloha Hawaii (2021)
As I mentioned in the post about Alaska, we allowed both of our kids to select the destination of their chosing as a high school graduation gift. Marco selected Alaska (2019) and two...
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Alaska 1
The last frontier: Alaska (2019)
My first trip to Anchorage, Alaska was when I was in college.  No, I was not on a fishing boat (I get sea sick)!  I had the great fortune of playing in the Alaska Baseball League during...
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spain 1
Our Spanish Adventure (2018)
As I mentioned in my post Viva Italia, we took one “big” trip every year as a family.  Not all of our trips were International, but as the kids got older, they were eaiser...
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