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"Napolitano's never give up!"
- Anthony Napolitano

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On the Road Again (Part 5)
While March was relatively tame from a travel perspective, April saw not one, but two 10+ day road trips. After returning home from beating Cornell on Long Island, the boys turned around...
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Our First Road Trip! (Part 4)
Our first major road trip occurred six weeks after we arrived in South Bend.  We took a 12-day road trip to play Duke in Durham, NC then traveled to Long Island to play Cornell.  We...
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Exploring "The Bend" (Part 3)
Living in a new location for three months was exciting.  There is something about exploring new neighborhoods, restaurants, weather, and people that is so much fun.   Today’s post is...
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And We are Off! (Part 2)
February 17th, 2024, we hit the road to South Bend, Indiana.  We were half excited about the adventure and wondered, “What in the heck are we doing!”  Honestly, we had no idea what...
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LMU_24_Class of 94_GRAND REUNION_SM_1200x675-400x225
The Grand Reunion - LMU '94
This weekend Joy and I had our 30th (30th!!!) college reunion, and it could not have been more fun or come at a more opportune time.  Having just come back from our Great American Road...
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The Great American Road Trip (Part 1)
The Trip of a Lifetime I don’t think it’s an overstatement to claim this was a “trip of a lifetime”.  First, my apologies for not having my hands on the keyboard...
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